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Chiapas: Cioac-H and its paramilitaries

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Chiapas: Cioac-H and its paramilitaries

The Story behind the Paramilitary Attack on the Zapatistas

Luis Hernández Navarro

La Jornada, 20th May 2014

10262256_141417499361959_1919368477149027583_n (1)It did not wait long to act. On February 14th of this year, the Independent Centre of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos – Historical (CIOAC-H) announced that it would be training self-defence groups in Chiapas. On May 2nd, its members used firearms and machetes to kill José Luis Solís López, a teacher and Zapatista from the community of La Realidad, and left 15 other rebels wounded.

In February, the members of CIOAC-H publicly shared their agreement to arm the self-defence groups. They said they were doing it to guarantee the security and integrity of their organization and their leaders. “We want” -they noted- “a climate of defence to be created.” They shared this by way of José Dolores López Barrios, their secretary of national organization. They revealed it in their…

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