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West Coast Warrior Hip Hop Tour Part III: Shining Soul


Oakland stop of the tour. Photo by Bay Area Intifada Oakland stop of the tour ft Poesia and MC Lovelle. Photo by Bay Area Intifada

After an unexpected performance during a RAC Mutual Aid Food Program sharing Sunday in LA, Shining Soul is heading further south in Tongva Territory with ALAS and Zro Prophet for Monday’s performance in UC Santa Barbara. [Read more about the food program here and details about tonight’s performance here.]

While the four artists were in Oakland, Shining Soul  sat down with us and talked about intentions of their music and the West Coast tour, struggles in their communities, and building a culture of resistance. (Scroll below the video for the interview.)

[Barely edited transcription:]

BAI: Thanks for taking time. I guess let’s start off with who you are.

Franco Habre: Hello, my name is Franco Habre, aka the Bronze Candidate, one half of Shining Soul. An MC slash beatmaker.

Alex Soto: My name is Alex Soto, aka…

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