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Ukip candidate’s family restaurant fined over illegal immigrants

Liverpool Antifascists

Amjad Bashir, whose sons run Zouk in Manchester, confirms staff were arrested and firm fined for breaking immigration law
Ukip candidate Amjad Bashir
Ukip candidate Amjad Bashir would not confirm how much the restaurant was fined for employing illegal immigrants. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

A restaurant run by the sons of one of Ukip’s top candidates in next week’s European elections was fined last year for employing illegal immigrants, it has emerged.

Amjad Bashir, Ukip’s spokesman for small businesses and one of the party’s few non-white members, confirmed on Friday that four workers at Zouk, his family’s curry house in Manchester, were arrested last June for what he called minor immigration offences. The upmarket restaurant was subsequently fined, he said, insisting that the penalty was nowhere near the £70,000 reported by the Times.

However, Bashir would confirm neither exactly how much the restaurant was fined nor what the workers or…

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