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West Coast Warrior Hip Hop Tour Part II: Zro Prpht from the X-Vandals


zroprhptinterviewTonight is the Ohlone Territory [Oakland] leg of the West Coast Warrior Hip Hop Tour. Starting in Klanada and working down the coast with ALAS, Savage Family and Shining Soul, Zro Prpht ended up kicking it in West Oakland, where he talked with Bay Area Intifada about his rhymes, Nuyorican radical history, land, and what it means to create a culture of resistance.

He’ll be sharing with Bay Area folks, Poesia, ALAS and Shining Soul tonight at Qilombo (2313 San Pablo Ave) at 8PM. Show up at 6PM for free food and a time to kick it with the artists and local folks in struggle, before they head south towards Tongva Territory [LA, Santa Ana] and Arizona.

(See here for more tour details. Donate here to help fund the traveling expenses. And check out our interview with a member of Savage Family here.)

BAI: Thanks for coming and talkin with us…

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