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Reflecting as I walk, part 3 – On the Way Home…

Cody Lestelle

Waazzzzzuuuuuup!? Okay, glad to get that out. Been hoping to start a blog post like that for awhile. My apologies for the delay between this and my last update, as well as my lack of following through with the promised series quickly. All of the subjects mentioned will still be touched on in this blog, although not necessarily in the order and with the same titles as previously mentioned. This entry will touch on the following: I MISSED MY FLIGHT!, Zapatista compas ambushed and one murdered in the Caracol of La Realidad (the same caracol I visited as part of the Escuelita in December); prisionerxs: addiction, alcohol, counterinsurgency, drugs and revolution (a new project/blog and convocation); a brief reflection of Decolonize/Occupy Seattle and report of my presentation at UniTierra Oaxaca.

First and foremost, I MISSED MY FLIGHT! I had a flight scheduled at 4:48 pm on the 10th from…

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