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Interview with Pakistani revolutionary: “No force can stop us from this path”


From In Defense of Marxism


A woman activist of the PPP’s student-wing, the PSF, clashes with the police during a rally against Zia’s draconian laws (Lahore, 1981).

During the 33rd Congress of the Struggle in Pakistan, In Defence of Marxism interviewed comrade Yaru from the interior of Sindh province. His hair-raising personal experience in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the story of how he found the comrades of The Struggle, and his indomitable dedication to the struggle for socialism in the Indian Subcontinent and worldwide is an inspiring example of modern-day Bolshevism and a testament to the calibre of the comrades the IMT is assembling around the world.

​IDOM: Comrade, please tell us a little about what conditions are like in the area you grew up in.

yaruYaru: I come from the desert interior of Sindh. It is a very hard land in a hard country. The conditions of the peasants are essentially feudal, with the zamindar / jagirdar system and its landlord/peasant-serf relationship still largely intact. For millions of people throughout…

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