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Burning from the Inside


‘Burning from the Inside’ is a socio-political documentary film, directed by Marsia Tzivara , which takes place in Greece and Germany .

What is the documentary about?

“The film  focuses on the rise of the Greek Nazis ‘Chrisi Avgi’ as the ‘monstrous’ child of the crisis, the changes they brought into Greek society after their entry in parliament in 2012, and their demolition two years later after  the murder of the anti-fascist Pavlos Fissas. Through the ‘trajectory’ of the party, we question the political and social structures of Greek leadership which ‘allowed’ space to fascism and corruption, as well as the functionality of Democracy in the country that gave birth to it. We also focus on the antifascist movement which grew at the same time not only in Greece but also in Germany. In the country that gave birth to Nazism, the Greek immigrants give their own fight against the…

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