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On The Black Riders, Revolutionary Intercommunalism, and the Way Forward


 Michael Novick , Anti-Racist Action
Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror

black-riders-liberation-party Photo from Davey D’s Hip Hop and Politics blog

Also in the current issue of  Turning the Tide: A Journal of Inter-Communal Solidarity, Volume 27, Number 2 (April-June 2014)

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a Southern-based non-profit research and advocacy organization that targets “hate groups” and works closely with law enforcement across the US. It’s best-known for winning civil damages cases against the KKK and Tom Metzger’s “White Aryan Resistance,” but behind the scenes, it maintains intelligence files on more radical anti-Klan and antifa groups and various Black militants, and shares them with police and intelligence agencies. Recently, without providing a shred of evidence or documentation, or any verbal explanation, the SPLC categorized the Black Riders Liberation Party in Los Angeles and Oakland CA as a “Black separatist hate group.” This can only be seen as part of a concerted state attack against the BRLP, a new, repressive…

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