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Nine-month-old kid Charged with Attempted Murder in Pakistan Granted bail by Judge

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Baby Muhammad Mosa Khan being fingerprinted Baby Muhammad Mosa Khan being fingerprinted

A nine-month-old kid accused of arranging a homicide, undermining police and meddling with state issues in Pakistan has been conceded bond in the wake of showing up in court this week.

Baby Muhammad Mosa Khan was booked in February alongside 30 other individuals, including various family members, after stones were supposedly tossed at police and energy authorities during searches on homes in Lahore. Occupants had been blamed for not paying for power.

In fact choosing that the nine month old was fit for – and had – participated in the so-called stone tossing, Sub-Inspector Kashif Ahmed chose to detain the kid.

What took after were absurd scenes in which the little child was fingerprinted and made to sit on his granddad’s lap in court, drinking his jug.

The judge immediately allowed bond for the kid, alongside the other individuals indicted in the case. Baby…

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