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Statement Against Snitch-Jacketing

Black Orchid Collective

An anonymous blog post recently emerged accusing someone we have organized with in the past of being a snitch; the post provided no evidence to back up this accusation. We have decided not to validate the accusations in this post by engaging with it. Instead we choose to emphasize the following points:

There is no place in radical movements for anonymous and/or unsubstantiated allegations. Such allegations, whether from well-intentioned but misguided individuals or from state agents, have the effect of sowing distrust and division within our movements. They put the accused people in the impossible situation of responding to no one and nothing in particular, or risk seeming to admit guilt by refusing to reply. And they put the rest of us in an uncomfortable position by seeming to demand a verdict of guilt or innocence, without providing any basis for judgment. Such tactics can divide and even destroy movements…

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