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Woman’s suicide sparks hate fest on Official EDL Facebook Page. The apparent suicide of a woman in West Yorkshire supermarket has brought out the worst in a number of EDL supporters who are celebrating her death.

Liverpool Antifascists

Birmingham hate filled racist, Paula Donnelly

They were commenting on a Daily Mail story which identified the woman only as being of “Asian appearance” and aged between 20-40 years. Her faith was not even hinted at. She has since been named as Sobia Yousef, 36, who is reported to have recently lost her daughter to a terminal illness.

According to news reports she stabbed herself in the neck in Asda’s Shipley store, causing a fatal injury.

By any normal person’s standards this is a horrific tragedy. But when it comes to the EDL we are not talking normal. The opening comment on the EDL thread comes from one Dave Cross who posts: ‘Killed herself “halal style” followed by a smiley icon.

Whilst many EDL supporters rightly berated their fellow supporters for making negative and hateful posts, this comment, which attracted 44 likes, did set a tone.

Take Essex racist Carol…

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