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The Ghosts of March 21st: Last Night’s Screening and Discussion


GHOSTS-SCREENINGS-1-791x1024 Filmmaker Sam Stoker , We Copwatch ‘s Jacob Crawford and Block Report Radio ‘s JR Valrey presented  The Ghosts of March 21st in a crowded room at Berkeley’s  La Peña Cultural Center Thursday night. [See Valrey’s interview with Stoker here .] The screening was held on the eve of the Mixon battle’s fifth anniversary. On that day–named the “deadliest day” for the Oakland Police Department– what began as a traffic violation pullover ended in a fire exchange that left four police officers and Mixon himself, dead. [Read more background here .]

Valrey opened the evening at La Peña with props to the Mixon family–many of whom were in attendance and spoke– and the movements that have continued following the Mixon street battle. He also challenged the Associated Press‘ coverage of the day, calling them the “public relations team for the state,” adding that they acted in their typical role of…

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