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Homeless U.S. Veteran “Baked to Death” in Rikers Island Jail Cell

United States Hypocrisy

An entire month after the tragedy occurred, a 75-year old mother received a call from the Associated Press carrying the devastating news that her son, 56-year old Queens native Jerome Murdough, suffered an unusual death in the confines of New York’s most notorious house of torture, Rikers Island “Correctional” Facility. Murdough, who was arrested on trumped-up “trespassing” charges back in February and thrown into an overheated jail cell, suffered from an extreme form of schizophrenia and had a severe case of bipolar disorder. And while the circumstances leading to his death may have been out of the ordinary, the cruel treatment and abuse he received at the hands of the Rikers Island Staff was anything but unusual. Despite incident after incident of well-publicized abuses, Rikers Island remains America’s “second-largest jail system” and a facility in which an astounding 40% of inmates suffer from some form of mental illness.

Jerome Murdough

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One comment on “Homeless U.S. Veteran “Baked to Death” in Rikers Island Jail Cell

  1. Caleb Gee
    March 21, 2014

    Thanks for the re-blog of this tragic news item!

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