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Eviction due of historic Can Vies anarchist center

The Free

The building of Can Vies is historically a workers center going back generations. The Barcelona City Council, which has given the order, is intent on wiping out any social movement they don’t control.

arrested antifascists

Can Vies, the legendary anarchist center occupied now dor 17 years,  in danger ! imminent eviction from April 1  and for  the whole month

Lets Stop it  AGAIN!

The dreaded date has arrived . The courts have set a date to evict Can Vies (‘The Railway Center’) . As of April 1 , and throughout the month , the Catalan police can evict this historic community center with 17 years of life and battles behind it . CAN VIES
A space between what we have done many, we us and we can not take leave for TMB and City Council. the eviction is a political decision . And…

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