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MayFirst Meta-Stirke preparation assembly call, on BigBlueButton (USi), 16 March 2014, 13.00 GMT

Social Network Unionism

Networganize and GNUnite to Knock-out PRISM!

Assembly call and information on ON workgroup:

FB event:

GNUnion networks and organizes at the same time, in order to mesh networks of like-minded peers, linking them and their bases each other strategically. She strives to build dynamic, free, libre, and open source spaces, collective agendas and strategies to act upon in a harmonized way.

GNUnion encourages her peers to collectivize their individual, social, productive and communicational power to swarm around dynamical, creative and positive actions and campaigns. In a way such collective efforts would create impacts at unpredicted magnitudes, regardless how large and powerful are the chosen targets.

Combining peer to peer social relations and technologies and embedding them into all its internal and external processes and relationships, GNUnion ultimately aims at hyper-empowerment of all the nodes involved in her mesh network. Below are some of the spaces we have been building on…

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