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GITMO: Ahmed Belbacha released after 12 years, but not home free … #torture

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Reprieve US + 1 (917) 855 8064

For Immediate Release: Thurs March 13, 2014

Reprieve today welcomes the news that its client Ahmed Belbacha has returned to Algeria after more than a decade of detention without charge in Guantánamo Bay.

The transfer is in accordance with his and his family’s wishes, and marks the end of a dreadful 12 years for Mr Belbacha – who has been cleared for release by both the Bush and Obama administrations.

Since 2002, when he was seized by the Pakistani authorities and handed over to the CIA, Mr Belbacha has faced violent interrogation, physical abuse and incommunicado detention at the hands of the US authorities. He was unable to say goodbye to his grandmother, who died whilst he was detained.

In the 12 years of his detention, he was never charged or tried for any crime, and in-depth reviews of his case carried out…

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