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.@BarackObama: Free Leonard Peltier

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MARCH 13, 2014
ILPDC Statement Regarding Leonard Peltier


Coleman, Florida U.S.A. March 13,2014
From the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

It has come to our attention that the Federal Prison in Coleman, Florida is denying Leonard Peltier, a Native American political prisoner, medication that is essential in dealing with life threatening medical conditions. The ILPDC, as well as Amnesty International, and numerous national and international organizations, stand ready to confront this type of illegal, immoral and cruel and unusual punishment that affects political prisoners everywhere.

We must remind Americans that while they are pointing the finger at other nations regarding political prisoners, they have three fingers pointing back at themselves.  America cannot legitimately complain about other nations while Leonard Peltier and others receive this type of inhumane treatment.  


For Further Information please Contact:

The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee


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