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6 Years in Prison Based Upon Flawed Dog Scent Evidence

Dare to Think


A Texas woman is suing investigators who used dogs to pick her out of a “scent lineup” – a widely questioned investigative technique that put her in prison for six years before she was acquitted.

Megan Winfrey (left), 25, was freed in April of 2013 after the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals upheld its own ruling acquitting her in the 2004 murder of a high school custodian, Murray Burr.  Her father, Richard Winfrey Sr. and her brother, Richard Winfrey, Jr., have also been cleared after trials that all used the same evidence.  In a lawsuit filed recently, Winfrey accused San Jacinto County, current and former sheriffs and deputies and the dog trainer of malicious prosecution and civil rights violations.

WinfreySrandJrRichard Winfrey Sr., Richard Winfrey Jr., then 19, (both pictured right) and Megan, then 18, were charged in 2007 with killing school janitor Murray Burr two years earlier.  Winfrey Sr. was convicted…

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