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CALL OUT: International Day of Action Against Fascism and Racism on Saturday 22 of March 2014.


Image Greek Call Out

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[ BAI NOTE: Anti fascists from across the globe have signed on to take actions, please consider holding demonstrations in your city as well. Some of those will be taking place in the UK, GREECE, FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN, GERMANY, HOLLAND and the US to name a few]


International day of action against fascism and racism, 22 March 2014

Faced with the rising threat of neo-Nazism, a new resistance movement unfolds and struggles to stop it before it’s too late. On January 19, in Athens and in over 40 countries, thousands marched against fascism and racism, as a signal that the hope that struggles bring can defeat despair and fear. After the murder of  Pavlos Fyssas a strong antifascist mobilization forced the government to crackdown against Golden Dawn.

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