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Rethinking the Archives Through Red Medicine: Indigenous Webs of Knowledge and Healing

So this looks pretty cool…lecture on “Red Medicine”…
description from UW Honors mailing list:

Check out this awesome lecture going on next Tuesday, March 4th at 7pm in Savery Hall Room 260! (University of Washington, Seattle)
“Rethinking the Archives Through Red Medicine: Indigenous Webs of Knowledge and Healing” w/ Patrisia Gonzales, PhD (Lecture, Reception and Book signing)

Patrisia Gonzales, PhD is a traditional healer, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mexican American Studies and is an affiliated faculty member in the American

Indian Studies Programs and the Native American Research Training Center at the University of Arizona. She will be on the UW-Seattle campus March 4th, 2014 for a lecture, reception and book signing for her book Red Medicine: Traditional Indigenous Rites of Birthing and Healing.

Patrisia Gonzales addresses “Red Medicine” as a system of healing that includes birthing practices, dreaming, and purification rites to re-establish personal and social equilibrium. Gonzales combines her lived experience in Red Medicine as an herbalist and traditional birth attendant with in-depth research into oral traditions, storytelling, and the meanings of symbols to uncover how Indigenous knowledge endures over time. Red Medicine suggests that Indigenous healing systems can usefully point contemporary people back to ancestral teachings and help them reconnect to the dynamics of the natural world.

For more information on Dr. Gonzales and her work see the below article from Indian Country Today:

Traditional Healing Meets Western Medicine


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