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Capitol Hill: Microsoft Connector Bus Blocked For 45 Minutes

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(submitted via internent)

On Monday, February 10th, a small group of people blocked a Microsoft Connector shuttle in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.


One bus was initially blocked as people unfurled two banners and began handing out fliers.


In the shadow of a new luxury apartment building, Microsoft employees stood in the rain waiting for another bus.  However, when another bus arrived, the group blocked it in.


With fifteen minutes, another three buses had arrived, completely throwing off the Microsoft commute schedule.


In total, five buses were blocked for 45 minutes before the authorities arrived, at which point the group dispersed.


What follows below is an explanation of the action.

The Dark Lords of Microsoft

A long time ago, Microsoft was the evil empire, the dark colossus that every free-thinking engineer and programmer gravitated away from.  Their hierarchical and competitive corporate culture was a nightmare to be avoided at…

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