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Justice for the Trayvon 2!

Justice for the Trayvon 2!


Support the Trayvon 2, Hannibal Shakur (Lamar Caldwell) and Tanzeen Doha. They were arrested while protesting the George Zimmerman not-guilty verdict in the murder of Trayvon Martin. The Trayvon 2 are being railroaded through the judicial system on false charges. This web site will keep you updated on developments in the case and urge you to support the Trayvon 2’s freedom. [Note: This website does not represent the views of the Trayvon 2 (Tanzeen and Hannibal). This website is run by the supporters of Trayvon 2].


Why? Because Hannibal and Tanzeen have both been outspoken critics of the US racism and imperialism. Tanzeen worked actively on questions of race, religion, and colonialism at UC Davis and other universities like San Francisco State and San Jose State. Hannibal was active in the protests around Oscar Grant’s 2009 murder by police. They are being prosecuted for their activism against racism and imperialism.

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