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What do you want to share? Contribute to Open Space at the People’s Library!

Due to budget cuts, (a.k.a. austerity measures), Seattle’s Public libraries are closed from August 27th-September 2nd. But do not fret, the People’s Library is here! Starting yesterday, and through the end of Sunday, some great folks from the community have ensured continued access to books, computers, wifi and even food and community! The People’s Library is open from 10am-8pm every day through the end of September 2nd, after which we have been told our usual public library access will be graciously returned to us from those on high. Until then though, you can find the People’s Library on the steps of the Douglass Truth Library (2300 E Yestler Way). Show up to get your wifi access on, bring and/or take some books or zines to share, music, arts and crafts, enjoy community with folks, and finally, contribute to the Open Space with whatever you want!

Open Space will be taking place for the duration of the People’s Library. It is very simple. There will be a whiteboard (or possible just cardboard bulletin spaces) where folks can write down a time and specific location around the library where they will be hosting a workshop on a specific topic or other activity. Other people who are interested in that subject who see your posting will then show up and participate! If you so desire, you can take notes of your activity and share them in larger gatherings or on postings at the library afterwards and/or report them to if you have generated something you would like to share more broadly. If you know of a particular workshop or activity that you would like advertised on this site please comment below so people know where they can find you. A rumor has been floating around that someone will be starting a discussion today (August 28th) at 1pm on creating healthy organizing spaces as one of the open space workshops!

For more on the background of open space see the following Wikipedia article:

Keep an eye on for further details/updates regarding the People’s Library.

Hope to see you there!


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